Friday, May 13, 2011

Discerning Harold Camping

Robert Godfrey, church historian and President of Westminster Seminary California has written a series of helpful articles shedding light on Harold Camping's history and strange approach to biblical interpretation.

"The End of the World According to Harold Camping"
•Part 1

•Part 2

•Part 3

•Part 4

•Part 5

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ramona said...

Thanks for this Todd. I first became aware of Harold Camping in 1972 when we arrived from the Midwest and I found WKDN in Camden. Saw the shift in the soundness of the teaching as the years progressed... Left the staion when all teachers (except for Camping) were removed from the programing. Listened in about once a month to 'The Open Forum' just to keep abreast of where he was going. There was one woman with leadership responsibilities in the early morning Bible studies that was greatly influenced by his teaching... I felt I needed to know just what he was saying first hand as a good bit if his teaching was creeping into the Bible study. Sadly, this woman and her husband left the church when Camping made the call to do so.
These blogs are thoughtful respectful essays on Camping. Well worth the investment of time to read all five.