Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Derek Thomas on T4G

From Ref21:
Seven thousand men, half of whom appear to be under 35, gathered together to sing traditional hymns and avow orthodox theology in lectures that would test a seminary student. What is it that gives this conference (T4G in Louisville, KY) such charisma -- no, not the presence of Sovereign Grace brothers (though, C J Mahaney's infectious personality is something to behold). It is a palpable sense that we really are committed about what the gospel is and how it should be proclaimed.

Al Mohler's address tonight -- in which he gave eight trajectories for an adjusted gospel, ranging from Bultmann to Brian McLaren-- was a tour de force. In fact, it may well be the best analysis of our own culture and how we got here that I've heard. I will try and post a link to it whenever I discover what that may be.

Oh, and good coffee houses abound -- a sign that this really is a reformed conference.

I could not agree more with Dr. Thomas' assessment of Al Mohler's address. Outstanding!

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