Friday, September 28, 2007

Pitting Evangelism Against Discipleship

This is a pretty good example of spiritual abuse from the pastor of one of the nations newest mega-churches. Ironically, this "what have you done for Jesus lately" preaching simply replaces one type of Pharisee with another. It is a gospel-less message.


Eldora said...

So let me get this straight - if I am a lost person and go to this church I will meet Jesus? How can I meet Jesus in a place where the pastor refuses to study and teach me what He said? How can I truly meet Jesus when it seems that the leader of this church won't even tell me why I need Him (I'm a wretched helpless sinner) or what He did for me (paid the price I owe for my sin)? If I am to get busy and do things for Him, how will I know what to do when no one has taught me what His expressed will is? How will I ever know His will if I don't dig deeply into His Word? Yes, I should not just fill up on knowledge and do nothing, but I need knowledge if I am to serve in a way consistent to His will!

Todd Pruitt said...


His comments betray an all too common error: that the gathered assembly of God's people is not for the worship of God and the faithful proclamation of His Word. Rather, now it is about rock music, videos, and a funny "preacher." The message to God's people is: "Bring your friends here and we will ease them into Christianity."

The gathered assembly of God's people has always been about worshiping God according to His standards and proclaiming His Word. It is the nurture received from those vital and solemn times that provide the edification necessary for Christians to enter the world for the purpose of glorifying God and evangelizing the lost. But many (not all) mega-churches say, "Let the pros handle it. We have rockin music, awesome stage props and a really cool preacher."

When Jesus reinstated the apostle Peter he challenged him three times to "feed my sheep (or some variation of that)." This pastor seems to have rejected that calling.


Noel said...

Wow...He seems very angry. He appears to need a dose of forgiveness towards those fat-bellied church folk he was railing. And what was that comment about "taking it out on his wife?"